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Plumbers are often too busy to create good DIY information for householders to follow. By talking to various experienced plumbers we are able to pass on useful tips and information.

Our Contributers

Dave Cunningham -
Kitchens Gold Coast specialist Dave advises on issues he encounters when installing new kitchens or renovating an existing kitchen.

Blair Friend -
Video Painters Gold CoastPainter Gold Coast with years of painting experience Blair can advise on issues to get the most out of a repaint. Blair knows which paints will last in steamy bathrooms or kithens.

Shamus Cameron -
Builder Gold CoastDesign & Construct Builder Gold Coast Shamus advises on issues with either a renovation or when a complete building job. Co-ordination of trades is an important factor to a successful job.

Jeff Thatcher -

Electrician Brisbane Southside

Electrician Gold Coast Jeff is an experienced air conditioning contractor and electrician.